Fly for Cheap

How to Fly for Cheap

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Everyone has a friend or at least has heard of someone who gets a lot good deals on flights. However, to the common consumer these deals are elusive and hard to come by. So how do you actually fly for cheap? Below is a list of 10 tips that will help you get the best deals on air travel.

Fly Standby
The easiest way to fly for cheap is to fly standby. The only disadvantage of this method is if you have a limited time frame in which you need to leave.

Leave on Wednesday
Several studies have revealed that Wednesday is on average the cheapest day to fly on.

Look at Social Media
Many airlines have begun posting discounts and other benefits on their social media accounts. Checking these regularly is a great way to get a cheap flight.

Frequent Flier Miles
Many credit cards offer the advantage of allowing you to build up free miles which can be used towards your next flight.

Fly in the Morning
Early morning flights are the least popular so you can save money by flying in the early morning instead of taking a flight in the afternoon.

Red Eye Flights
Red eye flights are also often much cheaper due to them operating on limited routes during inconvenient times.

Use Reward Websites
Many reward websites let you convert points you earn on them into flying miles which can be used towards an airline ticket.

Book Early
In order to get cheaper flights it is recommended to book at least six weeks in advance. After six weeks the prices begin to generally rise.

Book Your Connections
Booking your own connecting flights can save over a $100. It is important to leave enough time between flights though if you do this.

Fly With Small Airlines
If you can find smaller lesser known airlines who fly the route you wish to take it is almost guaranteed you will get a good deal.