US Airways

US Airways

  • By Anthony B
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  • 20.09.2016

US Airways was established in 1979, and as a three star airline (SkyTrax), it flies to over 100 destinations worldwide. US Airways runs hubs in Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. As part of the Star Alliance they participate in codeshare agreements with several other airlines, and can be distinguished by their current logo colors: white with a blue tail and red tip, but this appearance changes often.

US Airways: Tickets and Checking-in

Four simple and convenient methods to check-in:

Airport counter - As with any of the major airlines, checking-in at the counter with one of the US Airways staff is the most traditional check-in option.

24 h or advance check-in Allowing you to skip the counter, you can check-in online or by phone up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. If you don’t have any luggage to check, then you can print your boarding pass and proceed to security. If you do have luggage you have to check your bags at the US Airways counter.

e Kiosk - If you are at the airport, but the line for the counter is too long you can check-in at one of the nearby kiosks. Simply follow the prompts, and your boarding passes will be printed. Checking bags still requires going to the counter.

Curbside - An option that is available at over 20 airports, you can check-in at the curbside drop off and skip the queue. For more information, visit the “Curbside check-in” page of the US Airways’ website.

Luggage restrictions and other information

Depending on your ticket type there are different allowable limits for checked and carry-on size limits and weights. There are additional charges that are levied if your bags are too heavy, too large, or you simply have too many bags to check. For an extended and specific breakdown of the limits visit the “Baggage Allowance” page or the “Baggage Restrictions” page, on US Airways’ website.

Various Seating Types: Classes of tickets

US Airways offers three types of tickets for most of their flights: economy, international business, and first class

Economy class

The economy class tickets have a defined distance of 32 to 34 inches between rows of seats. The types of planes and amenities differ from flight to flight, but an economy ticket may include: refreshments and snacks for purchase, personal touch screen entertainment, and dining options on international flights.

International Business Class (referred to as Envoy)

The Envoy class tickets are under the process of being upgraded and therefore there is a lot of variation from one plane to the next. While they are attempting to give the most vertical relaxing position available, some are full sleepers with other being fully reclinable. The distance between seats can be up to 94 inches. Some of the seats in Envoy have personal entertainment devices and power outlets for electronics, such as PDAs or laptops.

First Class

The first class tickets are available on most flights and all flights from the US mainland to Hawaii. The range in distance is between 35 to 38 inches between the rows of seats- depending on the plane- and are much wider than the economy class. Depending on the flight there may be seat back screens with VOD (video on demand) entertainment. All flights over 3.5 hours offer a variety of healthy food options as well as a variety of complimentary (non)alcoholic drinks.

US Airways Fleet & Lounge

US Airways operates a variety of planes in its fleet including Airbus A319, A330, Boeing 737, 767, and Embraer E190, (among others). US Airways also operates over 10 official airport lounges referred to as “US Airways Club, in most major US airports.