United Continental Airlines

United Continental Airlines

  • By Anthony B
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  • 20.09.2016

United Airlines was established in 1926. They cover more than 400 destinations across the globe. United Airlines rightfully has the title of the largest airline in the world and considered as the earliest airlines established in America. The main headquarter of United Airlines is located in Chicago, which acts as the biggest hub. In addition to this, other major hubs of United Airlines lie in Cleverland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington. The company has membership with many alliances and airways including Star Alliance and Hawaiian Airlines. The aircrafts of United Airlines are white in color with undercarriage in blue paint. The emblem lies at the tail with the design of a tulip. The color of emblem is blue and red.

Information Regarding Check-In and Ticketing
The United Airlines gives its passengers different ways to check-in with ease. One of the easiest and most authentic ways is through the airport counter. Passenger can easily visit the company’s counter at the airport for the purpose of checking-in. Other options include next day or advance check-in, which can be utilized directly from the internet by visiting the United Airlines website. You can make the check-in a day earlier and get the boarding pass printed from your personal printer. In case of no baggage, you can directly pass the security gates without stopping on the counter of the company. In addition to this, the kiosk option is also provided to the passengers via which you can benefit from the check in facility at the kiosk located near the United Airlines Company’s counter. It is of great benefit during the hours of busy traveling periods.

Restrictions for Baggage
According to the type of seating class, the restriction on luggage varies for the passengers. For the economy class, there is a restriction of 1-2 checked baggage that must not be more that 32 kg each. The dimensions are also mentioned with 158 cm in LWH. The luggage allowance depends upon the destination of the passenger. The business and first class passengers are allowed to take 2 to 3 checked baggage of the same weight and dimension as that of the economy class. On the flight, a passenger can carry a single carryon bag that is not more than 114 cm in dimensions. Moreover, personal use items can also be taken in the cabin such as laptops, cameras, and pillows. Furthermore, the non-travelling items like bowling equipment, snowboards, antlers, and others are also allowed as special luggage.

Different Types of Seating
United Airlines has four types of seating options for their passengers to choose from. Each type has a different type of facility. The types involve economy class, economy plus class, business class, and first class. As the names suggest, the first class has the greater number of facilities with comfortable seating options and the wider distance between the two seats. It gives the additional privacy to the passenger which is not possible in economy class. Other than that, there is an extra storage department, power points, telephones, video screens, no noise headsets, and built-in massage recliners.