Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge

Five reasons to visit Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

This lodge was named after the Tu Tu’ Tunne Native Americans, the first inhabitants of the area and these are five reasons to visit the Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge.

To feel like in Paradise
The place was designed as a place to share good food in a great company, to have a warmth stay in peace and comfort. Staying in any of the rooms or suites, or for greater privacy at any of the houses, the Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge welcomes you to be one of the Tu Tu’ Tunne people.

To have some romantic moments
If you haven't decided yet on where to get married or where to spend Valentine's Day, the Tu Tu' Tun Lodge could be the perfect destination. Your special romantic moment or event could have a scenic view of the river. The staff is experienced and will make your dream turn into reality.

A massage by the Rough River
Listening to the stillness of the place, to the wind, to the birds in the forest, with a blend of Asian healing art and a Swedish massage while overlooking the river will make you feel one with nature. Pay attention to the energy of the land and it will enhance your experience during your stay.

Kayaking, stand up paddling, or riding the jet boats
Any of these water activities are right in your backyard during your stay. Being one of the people by the river, has its advantages, either in Kayaks, Stand Up boards, or in a group in a Jet board as the Rough river offers its magnificence for you to enjoy any watersport.

Do nothing
Having a tight schedule is not part of the Tu Tu’ Tun Lodges. With lots of open areas, to just sit and contemplate, to maybe have some wine, or meditate, the place is full of spaces where nothing is something you are actually encouraged to do.