Traveling on a Student Budget

Traveling on a Student Budget

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Most students do not have a lot of money due to the high cost of education as well as the lack of time to work a full time job. This does not mean that students cannot travel. In fact there are quite a few ways to travel on a student budget to just about anywhere in the world, though some locations are much more practical. Below is a brief guide about traveling on a student budget.

To travel on a student budget you have to be able to get cheap transportation. For airlines the best options are usually smaller budget airlines. Some well known budget airlines are Ryan Air and Easy Jet. If you don't have to fly it will save money to take another form of transport such as a train, bus, or ferry. Another way to save money while traveling is to check ride sharing websites in the area you are visiting. Often times you can get a ride from these websites for next to nothing.

When traveling on a student budget location can do a lot towards helping to save money. The more popular a tourist destination a place is, the more expensive it will be. Some of the cheaper locations that have become popular for students to travel are places such as Thailand where the cost of living is relatively low.

The vast majority of students cannot afford to stay in nice hotels. Fortunately, there are other options. The most common cheap accommodations for budget travelers are hostels. Hostels are also a great place to meet other students and young travelers. Those really trying to save money can try websites such as couchsurfing where you are able to stay in someone's house for free. This is a little more risky than hostels as accommodation is not always guaranteed.