The Woodlands Inn

Five reasons to go to The Woodlands Inn (Pennsylvania)

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Maybe you haven't found the right vacation spot yet, so read on for the five reasons to go to The Woodlands Inn.

Eating out and bars
If you feel like eating in a casual and fun setting, go to Crescenzo’s. The restaurant provides a large selection of fresh foods and salads, but also drinks. The restaurant features its own bar where the baristas prepare the best original cocktails. When you are in the mood for sushi or other Japanese dishes, Shogun's will satisfy your Asian food cravings.

Attend a cool event
The Woodlands Inn does not want its guests to get bored on vacation, and thus offers several entertainment options. There are many live music events happening here on weekends and during the holidays, so take the time to check them out. Along with that, check out the happy hours and parties that take place every night.

Get a ski package
Tourists are drawn to the resort due to its skiing options, and you may just be returning here next year. The ski focused resort offers several winter sport packages that satisfy the needs of every sport fan. If you don't want to book a package, spend the say on the slopes or try snowboarding.

Meetings and parties
No one likes to work on holiday, but you may need to hold a conference or close a deal. In that case, the conference rooms available here are the right place to go. The meeting rooms can hold up to 1000 guests, which makes them ideal for a large gathering. Before deciding, you should know that bookings are required.

Wedding ceremonies
The Woodlands Inn stays ahead of the game by offering elegant weddings to all of its guests. The hotel is also the right place for an LGBT wedding, and its modern facilities have couples going back year after year.