Summer Cruising

Summer Cruising – 10 Tips

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

One of the most popular times to go on cruises is during the summer. Most summer cruises go to tropical and exotic locations. There are also many different kinds of cruises available in the summer to choose from as well. Below are ten tips on summer cruising to help you find the cruise right for you.

Pick a Location
Before you even think about booking with a particular cruise line pick where you want to go. This will help to give you a better reference point and weed down the number of cruise lines you have to compare.

Book Early
If you know where you want to go, try to book your cruise a couple of months in advance. This will save you a lot of money.

Last Minute Cruises
If you don't know where you want to go or you can't decide, many cruise companies will sell off unfilled spots a few days before the cruise leaves for heavily discounted prices.

Research the Weather
Just because it's summer where you are doesn't mean it will be nice weather where you cruise is going. Some spots closer to the equator will be uncomfortably hot during summer.

Book at the Ends of the Season
Cruise prices drop down at the very beginning and the very end of the summer season. Booking a cruise then will save you some money.

Off-Peak Days
Some cruises leave during the middle of the week. These will generally be a little cheaper compared to the same exact cruise which leaves on the weekend.

Check Group Pricing
Some cruises offer group pricing or other special deals during the summer.

Many cruises will put out coupons online through travel agency's during the summer. Finding these can help you save some money or upgrade your accommodations.

Read Reviews
Sometimes the most well known cruise lines are not actually the best. Reading reviews online will help to give you a good idea of which cruise is best for you.

Longer Cruises
Longer cruises tend to give you more value for the amount you pay in the summer.