Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

  • By Anthony B
  • Airlines
  • 20.09.2016

Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the world.   They managed to find the middle ground between being a low cost airline and a major airline at the same time.  Each day they transport millions of people around the United States and Puerto Rico on over 3400 flights.  If you are considering using Southwest the next time you fly, you are making a great choice. 

Unlike most airlines, Southwest believes that keeping the customer happy is one of their main priorities.  Their spectacular customer service is one of their hallmarks.  In the last 25 years, Southwest has consistently had the lowest number of customer complaints.  Southwest knows that flying can be sometimes stressful and they try to keep their flyers at ease.   

To make traveling easier, Southwest allows flyers to board their flight via an open seating policy.  Customers board in three different tiers.  That allows flyers that arrive early to pick where they want to sit.   By arriving early, you can be in control of where you sit.  And when you arrive early, you will have time to check in your first two bags for free.   Those two bags don’t include a carry-on bag such as a purse, briefcase or laptop bag that you will be able to take on the plane with you.   

Are you a senior traveler? Well Southwest has special fares for those 65 and older.  And there are child fares for the younger flyers too.  If you have a small pet traveling with you, they can ride in the cabin with you in their pet carrier.  Southwest won’t make your pet travel in the cargo hold like some airlines do.
While you are in-flight, Southwest has complimentary coffee, tea and snacks.  If you prefer a stronger beverage, beer, wine and cocktails are available for purchase.  Most business travelers aren’t really concerned with food; they want the ability to get some work done during the flight.  Southwest has in-flight Wi-Fi service available so that you can make the most of your flight time.  And if you want to just relax, Southwest is working on a system to provide in-flight entertainment such as streaming live TV and video on demand. If television and movies are too much, you can sit back and enjoy Southwest’s in-flight magazine Spirit. 

After you fly Southwest once, you will find it hard to not use them again.  If you do, you can take advantage of Southwest’s frequent flyer program Rapid Rewards.  Rapid rewards will allow you to take those frequent flyer points and redeem them for flights, hotel rooms and car rentals.     
A person traveling today has numerous options when it comes to choosing an airline.  You could choose another airline but I doubt that you will be as satisfied with another airline as you could be with Southwest.   Every day, countless travelers are choosing Southwest to get them where they need to go in the best way possible.  And Southwest has made it their goal to provide the best flights that they can.  Why would you take a chance with anyone else?