Resort City Inn

Resort City Inn (Idaho)

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Almost everyone and their dog loves eating barbecue. The personnel at the Resort City Inn knows this, therefore they equipped most rooms with a roof patio suited for a barbecue. The motel is within walk distance to all sorts of attractions, so read on about the 5 reasons we should go to Resort City Inn (Idaho).

If you want to play golf
The City of Coeur D’Alene recently became a popular destination for golf enthusiasts. The course here is ranked among the best in the country and it features 18 holes. The 14th hole is a floating green one, the only one in the world of its kind.

If you want to hike
Not only hiking but mountain biking is also possible since the trails are usually used for both of these two activities. You may want to start with the 24 miles long North Idaho Centennial Trail because it is paved and offers the possibility of bird and other wildlife watching. Pay attention to the bald eagles in early winter.

If you want to watch some track roller derby
The City of Coeur D’Alene is called home by the Snake Pit Derby Dames. This is a roller derby composed of only women. Their specialty is competing on flat track. To watch them compete you must visit the city starting in March till November, but be prepared for the large crowds coming to see them.

For the Moose on the Loose
This was a campaign in which art student painted moose statues that were later auctioned for charity. The moose are now scattered around the city and serve as popular spots for scavenger hunting. The moose look really nice, but they can be scary since they’re lifesize.

For the Roman triathlon
This contest was first held in 2003, and now it is organized every year. You must plan your visit at the end of June if you want to witness it.