Port-O-Call Hotel

Port-O-Call Hotel

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Not all the hotels have the same fame or the same service. Sometimes when traveling we need to have some points of interest when choosing a hotel over another. It's time to learn at least five reasons to go to Port-O-Call Hotel (New Jersey) should your travels take you there.

For a reunion
If you have a big family and you plan a big reunion, you’ll probably discover your home is too small to accommodate everyone. Port-O-Call Hotel is the place to book so that everyone can sleep comfortably. You can plan a wedding, an anniversary, or any other type of celebration.

For a good swim session
You can swim either in the hotel’s large pool or in the ocean. The hotel provides beach and pool tags that must be worn at all times and secured on the bathsuit. This ensures that you’ll have a good time surrounded by other hotel guests, and not some strangers.

To enjoy some water related activities
Whether you like boating, fishing, kayaking, surfing, or other water sports, be sure you can practice them all when staying at Port-O-Call Hotel. Most of these activities are fit to practice with the whole family, therefore nobody will feel left out.

To play some golf
You can choose to play regular golf or mini golf. The City of Ocean City is where you’ll find a public 12 holes golf course to practice your skills. The golf is operated both in winter and summer, but you must check out the schedule as it differs for the two seasons.

To play some tennis
It is easy to play some tennis when the hotel or resort you stay at has at least one tennis court. Ocean City has tennis courts where tournaments and lessons for kids are held on a regular basis.