La Posada de Santa Fe, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

La Posada de Santa Fe, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

New Mexico is an ideal vacation spot, and here are the top five reasons to go to La Posada de Santa Fe, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa.

Restaurants and fine cuisine
The resort's restaurant features an amazing decor full of luxury, and a selection of original indigenous dishes. Guests can sit out and grab lunch or dinner while enjoying the atmosphere and pleasant weather. If you are not in the mood for a full meal, you can always grab a snack or drink a cocktail.

The Spa at La Posada
Are you ready for a few relaxing hours? Visit the hotel's fabulous spa for a chance to experience luxury at its finest. All the body therapies draw their source from the local practices. The glamorous Spa also provides holistic treatments and wellness classes meant to renew your body.

Host an event here
If you need to keep in touch with work or simply organize a private party, La Posada de Santa Fe is the perfect place for it. The facilities include wireless internet and a large space specifically designed for meetings. If you plan a wedding, a coordinator can help you set up your event.

Family trips and excursions
Many families come to La Posada each year. The hotel offers family packages that include near by trips and excursions. You can design your route and choose the destinations you want to see. The packages are highly customizable and include romantic trip or adventurous excursions.

Play golf at the club
If you enjoy golf, there is a club near by the hotel that you may like to try. The club offers classes for beginners, but also challenging courses for professional players. If you are in town with friends, you will love relaxing and having fun while practicing your shots.