Jetblue Airways

Jetblue Airways

  • By Anthony B
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  • 20.09.2016

JetBlue Airways was established in 1999, and as a four star airline (SkyTrax) it offers service to over 55 destinations (mostly throughout latin america). Although it is considered a low cost airline, it is known to go above and beyond in regards to the amenities offered on each flight. Headquartered in New York, JetBlue Airways uses various other hubs in the US, while operating codeshare agreements with a number of other airlines- although it does not specifically participate in an airline alliance. The logo is white text on a blue background, but it varies from plane to plane.

JetBlue: Tickets and Checking-in

three simple and convenient methods to check-in:

Airport counter - most traditional method, simply stop by the labeled JetBlue Airlines counter at the airport.

24 h or advance - saving time and possibly the hassle of lining up, you can check-in over the internet or phone, up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure. You will have to line up and go through counter check-in if you are checking bags.

e Kiosk - bypassing the long lines at the counter is made easy with a few taps at the JetBlue labelled electronic kiosk. Depending on the airport they may or may not be available, and if you are checking bags then you still need to go to the counter.

Luggage restrictions and other information

Depending on your ticket type there are different allowable limits for checked and carry-on size limits and weights. There are additional charges that are levied if your bags are too heavy, too large, or you simply have too many bags to check. For an extended and specific breakdown of the limits visit the “Baggage Allowance Page” or the “Code of Carriage Page”, on JetBlue Airways’ website.

Classes of tickets

JetBlue Airways offers only one types of ticket class: economy

Economy Class

The economy class tickets have a defined distance of 32 to 38 inches between rows of seats. The types of planes and amenities differ from flight to flight, but an economy ticket always includes a variety of snacks and drinks options (complimentary and premium), XM Satellite radio, and seat back entertainment screens. There is also the option to purchase prime entertainment and wifi is sometimes available.

JetBlue Airways’ Fleet & Lounge

The planes that are operated by JetBlue Airways consist of Airbus and Embraer aircraft, including the A320 and E-190, respectively. They also do not operate any of its own branded lounges.