Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

  • By Anthony B
  • Airlines
  • 20.09.2016

It’s hard not to associate Hawaiian Airlines with the paradise that is Hawaii.  After all, Hawaii is part of their name.  But Hawaiian Airlines is about more than just Hawaii.  And once you find out how much more there is to Hawaiian Airlines, you will more than likely consider them when you make your next travel plans. 

Most people are surprised to know that Hawaiian Airlines can trace their roots all the way back to the early days of passenger flight.  In the late 1920’s, they were called Inter-Island Airways and they only serviced the Hawaiian Islands.  At that time, their fleet was mostly seaplanes and flying boats.  In the 1940’s they changed their name to Hawaiian Airlines and looked toward the jet age.  In time, they would expand their flights to include the US West Coast as well as the South Pacific.   Today, they not only fly from Hawaii to the US West Coast, they also take travelers to Australia, South Korea, the Philippines and Japan.   There are even plans to include China in their future list of destinations.   Hawaii is still a big part of Hawaiian Airlines’ operations, but the world is now in their sights too.

There are many facts about Hawaiian Airlines that the average traveler probably doesn’t know.  Hawaiian Airlines has never had a fatal crash.  They are the oldest United States carrier that can boast of a safety record like that.   And their customer service track record is commendable as well.  They are consistently ranked at the top when it comes to customer satisfaction, on time performance and baggage handling.  It’s great to know that not only will they get you to your destination on time; your bags will be there as well. 

When you fly Hawaiian Airlines, you are treated almost like a king.  There are complementary snacks provided and if you require more, they have a menu of items available for purchase that rivals the top restaurants in the world.  Most of the dishes available are inspired by Asian and South Pacific cuisine.   Your entertainment options are varied too.  There is Hawaiian Airlines’ in-flight magazine Hana Hou! Economy fliers have a choice of over 15 complimentary audio channels and TV and movies on demand for purchase.  First class passengers have unlimited access to movies, games, TV shows and more at their disposal.        

Hawaiian Airlines has a generous frequent flyer program called HawaiianMiles. Through their agreements with airlines such as American, Virgin America and Korea Air and more, flyers have numerous ways to use their frequent flyer miles.

In keeping with the digital world that we live in, Hawaiian Airlines has a huge online presence.  You can reach them at their website, on the phone, via email and on some of the top social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  

If you plan to book a trip in the near future that includes a destination in Hawaii, the South Pacific or the Far East, Hawaiian Airlines should be your first choice.  They are no longer just about Hawaii.