Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, Big Island

Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, Big Island (Hawaii)

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii is often refereed to as the nicest resort on the island. It is also one of the longest lasting resorts as well as the largest. It is located near to many of the most notable natural locations on the island making it not just luxurious but also convenient for getting around the island.

1. Golf
The Hapuna Prince Hotel has a beautiful golf course which was first built in 1992. Its longevity is testament to its quality. From one of the holes there is a panoramic view of the island and the ocean which has beenĀ  claimed as the best view of the island. The island Maui is also viewable from much of the course.

2. Hapuna Beach
The hotel is located very close to the world famous Hapuna Beach. Hapuna Beach is a beautiful white sand beach. It offers excellent swimming most of the year and is an excellent place to relax and read a book during the day.

3. Fitness Facilities
For those that don't like to gain weight when they go on vacation there are on site fitness facilities equiped with state of the art exercise equipment. The beach is close by too which makes for an excellent location for those that enjoy running.

4. Business Friendly
The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel has many rooms designed to accommodate business meetings and conventions. This ensure that your meeting will go smooth and ensure that you can get back to relaxing and not worrying about work as soon as possible.

5. Dining
Though not as varied as other resorts the resort offers a selection of high quality meals. There is also in room dining provided with an impressive menu.