Grand Wailea

Grand Wailea - Hawaii

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Located on the island of Maui, the Grand Wailea is a resort and spa well known for the excellent service they provide. Maui is a popular island destination due to the variation in its natural geography. The Grand Wailea is an excellent distance from many of the top tourist destinations on the island making it a good staging point for the perfect vacation.

1. Spa
For those that like relaxing more than adventuring there is an award winning spa known as Spa Grande. Here you can spend your morning or evening relaxing surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere. The spa offers all of the traditional spa treatments from saunas to massages as well as some Hawaiian practices.

2. Activities
The resort offers many activities that you can book through them. This saves the hassle of finding a good travel agency on the island to plan your day trips. One of the most popular activities offered is scuba lessons and guided scuba dives. This allows you to get an in depth look at the variety of natural marine life in Maui.

3. Dining
There is also an excellent selection of dining options available at the Grand Wailea. There is a buffet which is a popular option as well as a bar and a grill house. In addition to these there are also several cafes where you can relax with a cup of coffee or tea.

4. Meeting Accommodations
On site there are a variety of locations tailored to facilitate business meetings and conferences. This makes it a friendly location for your next business retreat or conference.

5. Pools and Beach Acess
At the Grand Wailea there is a pool and spa beautifully designed to provide a relaxing environment. It is also only a short walk to a nice beach were you can swim or just relax.