Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines

  • By Anthony B
  • Airlines
  • 20.09.2016

Smart travelers find a way to make their traveling experience less stressful.  If you travel frequently, you know most of the tips and tricks.  But if you don’t, knowing a few things can make the chore of travelling very easy. 

The first thing that a smart traveler will do is learn as much information about the airline they will be using. Knowing what to expect from your airline can help you avoid the problems that a less experienced traveler will face.  If you are about to embark on a trip and you are using Frontier Airlines, here is some information that will definitely be of assistance to you. 

Frontier Airlines services more than 80 destinations around the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Jamaica through over 350 flights a day.  They are able to offer some of the lowest fares in the industry because they operate one of the most cost effective business models anywhere.  Frontier helps travelers save money by flying to secondary airports instead of the larger airports.  A secondary airport also saves time because you don’t have the face the large crowds that frequent the larger airports. 

Frontier also saves travelers money by offering flyers the ability to pay only for what they need.  While other airlines make you pay for things that you might not use, Frontier doesn’t.  If you want something to eat or drink, snacks and beverages are available for sale on every flight.  In-flight TV and movies are also available if you want to be entertained during your flight.  If you require Wi-Fi access, that is available for a fee also.   By giving flyers a choice, Frontier is giving flyers control of their flying experience.
But don’t be mistaken about the quality of Frontier Airlines.  Just because they are a low cost carrier, it doesn’t mean that they don’t offer top notch service just like the larger airlines.  Frontier Airlines has a sharing agreement with other airlines that gives flyers the option of using electronic tickets on other airlines as well as Frontier. Frontier Airlines allows travelers to choose their own seat when they check in.  If you want an aisle seat or a window seat, you can get one.   Travelers can also fly with one piece of baggage and a personal item as well for free depending on the type of ticket they purchase.  And your pet is welcome as well.  And not in the baggage hold either.  Your pet can ride in the cabin right along with you.      

Contacting Frontier Airlines is easy too.  Along with the traditional means of communication like telephone, their website and email, you can find Frontier Airlines on all of the popular social media networks.   Frontier Airlines is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Foursquare. 
As you can see, Frontier Airlines is worthy of your consideration the next time you make travel plans.  They fly to all of the major destinations while saving flyers money. In these tough economic times, saving money is always a good thing.