Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

  • By Anthony B
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  • 20.09.2016

Delta Airlines was established in 1924, and as a three star airline (SkyTrax), it flies to over 240 destinations worldwide. Delta runs hubs in Atlanta, Amsterdam, New York, and many more of the most coveted destinations. As part of the SkyTeam alliance they participate in codeshare agreements with several other airlines, and can be distinguished by their logo colors: blue and red.

Delta: Tickets and Checking-in

Four simple and convenient methods to check-in:

Airport counter - As with any of the major airlines, checking-in at the counter with one of the Delta staff is the most traditional format to use when checking-in.

Prior Check-in (previous day) - Allowing you to skip the counter check-in, you can check-in online or by phone up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. If you don’t have any luggage to check, then you can print your boarding pass and proceed to security. If you do have luggage you can either check your bags at the counter, or simply drop them at a SkyCap curbside check-in (if available).

e Kiosk - If you are at the airport, but the line for the counter is too long you can check-in at one of the nearby kiosks. Simply follow the prompts, and your boarding passes will be printed. Checking bags still requires going to the counter or using the curbside check-in.

Mobile Check-in - For the tech-savvy, you can use your mobile device to check-in. Your boarding pass will then be available for them to scan your device and skip the paper route altogether.

Luggage restrictions and other information

Depending on your ticket type there are different allowable limits for checked and carry-on size limits and weights. There are additional charges that are levied if your bags are too heavy, too large, or you simply have too many bags to check. For an extended and specific breakdown of the limits visit the “Baggage Allowance Page” or the “Baggage Restrictions Page”, on Delta’s website.

Various Seating Types: Classes of tickets

Delta offers three types of tickets for most of their flights: economy, business, and first class
Economy class

The economy class tickets have a defined distance of 32 inches between rows of seats. The types of planes and amenities differ from flight to flight, but an economy ticket may include: internet access, personal touch screen entertainment, and other niceties (dining options, refreshments).

Business class (referred to as BusinessElite)

The business class tickets have a range in distance of 55 to 60 inches between the rows of seats- depending on the plane. All of the seats in business class have personal entertainment devices and power outlets for electronics, such as PDAs or laptops. There are also a full selection of dining options from celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein. More information can be found on the “BusinessElite” page of Delta’s website.

First class

The first class tickets and seating usually include greater distance both in the rows, but also the width. These tickets are not offered for every flight and the service and comfort depend on the plane. With full entertainment options and food choices, depending on the plane and duration of flight, for more specific details check the “First Class” page on Delta’s website.

Delta Sky Club - airport lounge

Available in most major international cities, the lounge provides a relaxing way to eat, work, or nap while you wait for the flight.