What questions to ask before booking a hotel

What questions to ask before booking a hotel – 10 Questions

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Staying in a bad hotel room can ruin an entire trip. Often times the way a hotel looks on a booking site or in a travel agency is much different than how it actually is. In order to avoid a situation where you end up in a bad hotel here are 10 questions to ask a hotel before booking.

Are there additional taxes and fees?
Often times hotels will add on charges not included in the quoted price.

Are there discounts for things such as AAA or Military?
Many hotels offer discounts, but will not make them available to you until you ask.

What is the cancellation deadline?
Every hotel has a different policy about how late you can council and still get your money back. Clarifying this before you book can save you from losing money.

Which amenities are included in the price?
A lot of hotels will make you pay extra for certain amenities. Asking before hand will give you a better idea of what price you will actually be paying.

What is the walking distance?
Getting a clear conception of how far your hotel is from whatever it is you are visiting will help you to get a better idea of the value.

Can I get a (non)smoking room?
If you have a preference for smoking or nonsmoking make sure you clarify when you are booking your hotel.

What are the pet fees?
If you are traveling with an animal most hotels will charge you extra pet fees.

Is breakfast included in the price?
Some hotels will include breakfast for free while other will charge you extra. It is good to find out so that you can budget accordingly.

Is there free parking?
Some hotels charge for parking and it is not always safe to assume that the parking will be free.

What is the room access like?
Different hotels are set up differently and knowing what the room access and set up is like will give you a better idea of what the noise levels may be.