Aulani Disney Resort

Aulani Disney Resort

  • By Anthony N
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Aulani Disney Resort is one of the top resorts located on the island. In recent years it has gained the reputation of being a family friendly resort with activities for those of all ages. Below is a list of 5 reasons why you should go to the Aulani Disney Resort.

1. Dining
The dining options at the Aulani Disney Resort are among some of the finest in the world. The resort offers everything from high class dining experiences to a fully serviced buffet. Also available for the kids is a disney character breakfast.

2. Rooms
All the rooms offered by the resort are top quality and come equipped with cable television and room service. There are also a number of options for rooms allowing each guest the optimal amount of comfort that they desire. There are also in room babysitting services provided by the resort.

3. Activities
The Aulani Disney Resort also offers a wide selection of activities that you and your family can participate in while staying at the resort. There is even a wedding planning service provided by the resort. A favorite activity offered by the resort is the ability to rent water equipment from its own beach front property.

4. Pool and Spas
The resort also has numerous pools and health spas. There is even a spa which is geared towards teens. There is even a spa therapy session designed for the whole family to particpate in that you can book while staying at the resort.

5. Lounges and Bars
Aulani Disney Resort has a wide selection of lounges and bars that the adults can relax at while the kids are off playing. There is everything from tiki styled bars by the pool to classier “hotel” bars located around the resort.