American Airlines

American Airlines

  • By Anthony B
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  • 20.09.2016

American Airlines came into existence in 1930. It is a SKYTrax 3-star airline and considered as one of the largest airlines across the globe. American Airlines caters to more than 250 destinations across the world. The major hubs of American Airlines are in Dallas, John F Kennedy (New York), Miami, and O’Hare (Chicago) airports. Being the member of One World Alliance and having codeshare agreements with many different airlines like Gulf Air and West Jet, it is known as one of the best airlines.
The aeroplane of American Airlines has a unique silvery touch along with the ribbons of blue, red, and white color along their length. The emblem of the American Airlines (AA) is located at the end side of the tail.

Seating Options with American Airlines
Three different types of seating options are provided by the American Airlines to its loyal passengers. The first type is economy class in which two seats are 31-32 inches away from each other. Although, the economy seating of all the aircrafts of American Airlines are not quite the same, they all have basic facilities like adjustable headrests, entertainment touch screens, movable tables, and others.
The second type is business class seating. The distance between the two seats of business class is 59 inches that gives a good margin of privacy. Moreover, there are privacy dividers, entertainment screens, extra storage space, and other facilities.
The first class is the expensive seating option in which facilities are more than any of the other two options. The seats in this class have the distance of 89 inches from each other. In American Airlines international flagship suite of Boeing 777 aircraft, seats can be transformed into a flat bed of 6 feet and 6 inches. In addition to this, other facilities include satellite telephones, reading light, and power port connection with each seat.

Check-in Options
American Airlines offer four types of check-in options to the passengers. The curbside check-in is the new addition to the facility in which passengers can get a curbside check-in service in case of ample baggage. However, the facility is only installed at some airports like Dallas/Forth Worth and Chicago/O’Hare. Other option for check-in include direct airport counter check-in, which is the traditional way. Electronic kiosk checkā€“in and online advance check-in options are also present to serve the same purpose and provide relief to the passengers. With on-line check-in service, one can simply save the precious time by checking-in in advance.

Baggage and Luggage Restriction in American Airlines
Depending upon the type of the seating class and the destination, the luggage/baggage restriction varies accordingly. However, the company gives its passengers the option of special luggage facility in which non-traditional items can be taken like musical instruments, sports items, and other equipments. The economy, business, and first class passengers can take 1-2 checked baggage items with a weight of not more than 23-30 kg each. The dimensions are also mentioned i.e. 157 cm and should not be overlooked to avoid any traveling problem. Although, the restriction is same, the charges for each class is different. Personal items and a carrying bag can be taken on the flight as well.