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Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights

Allegiant Air

When you use the term “low cost”, many people get worried.  That term brings to mind other terms like “cheap”, “unreliable” and “no frills”.   For some companies, using the term “low cost” allows them to provide sub-standard service.  But for Allegiant Air, they wear the term “low cost” as a badge of honor.  They know how to provide travelers with a low cost flight while still providing high quality service.  

Allegiant Air has based their operations on providing access to destinations not serviced by other airlines, using secondary airports and marketing their services to leisure travelers all while maintaining low operational costs.  In essence, Allegiant Air keeps their costs down as they get travelers to the place that they want to go to.  Doing all of this is not as easy as it seems.   Even travelers that are looking to save money want the best service that they can get.  

Allegiant Air gives travelers the service they need at a price that they can afford.   They keep prices low by streamlining their operations and offering flyers travel options.  A person that flies on Allegiant Air only has to pay for the things that they want.  The only mandatory purchase is their ticket.  If a flyer doesn’t want a meal while they fly, they don’t have to pay for one.  If they would like a beverage, snack or other food item, everything is for sale on each flight.  To further save costs, Allegiant Air doesn’t publish an in-flight magazine.  Nor do they provide in-flight entertainment because most travelers today have their own personal media devices and computers with them.
Allegiant Air does allow most of the same conveniences that other airlines do.  Customers can book their flight and check in online.  This not only saves time, it saves money too.   If you are traveling with a pet, that pet is allowed to travel in the passenger cabin as long as they are in a pet carrier.  And flyers are allowed one carry- on bag as well as a personal item such as a handbag/purse, briefcase or laptop bag.       

So how does Allegiant Air make money if they keep costs down? Allegiant Air makes up the revenue by offering complete vacation packages through their travel division.  Allegiant also has a thriving charter flight business.  With other ways to make money, Allegiant Air doesn’t have to overcharge their customers.          
In a world where companies try to make huge profits on the backs of their customers, Allegiant Air has decided to go a different route.  They know that you want to save money and they give you as many options to save as they can.   If you save money once with Allegiant Air, you are more than likely to fly with them again and again.   So the next time you plan a vacation to a popular vacation destination, take a few minutes and see what Allegiant Air has to offer.  You just might end up finding the same travel package cheaper at Allegiant than it is elsewhere.   

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