Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

  • By Anthony B
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  • 20.09.2016

Alaska Airlines is a SkyTraz 3-star airline that was founded in 1944. Alaska Airlines provides its airline services to more than 100 destinations in Mexico, US, and Canada. The main headquarter of Alaska Airlines is located in Seattle and other major hubs are in different cities like Anchorage (Alaska), Portland (Washington), and Los Angeles (California). Until now, the company has not entered into any alliance with any air transportation network but have codeshare agreements with other airlines such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Air France.
The Alaska Airlines airplanes are white in color with dark blue stripes at the fuselage side. The color of the tail of the aircraft is blue with the white image of an indigenous Alaskan.

Lounge of Alaska Airlines
The airport lounge of Alaska Airlines is known as the board room and is located in six different cities. The board room is only accessible to the registered members of the airlines. The passengers can get the online membership through visiting the website.

Check-in Options for Alaska Airlines
There are three different check-in options with Alaska Airlines. The first option is airport counter check-in that allows the passenger to check-in without any hurdle directly at the airport. The other and more advanced method is the next day check-in by using internet and printing the ticket. This option is quite time saving for the busy scheduled passengers and helps them to check-in well before in advance of the time of the departure. It requires the passenger to access the website of the Alaska airlines and after performing the check-in, one can print out the boarding pass at home to show it directly to the security personnel at the airport. In case of check-in baggage, it is mandatory to stop at the counter of the company for the inquiry of the baggage. The electronic kiosk check-in method is also introduced in which electronic kiosks are used for the purpose of check-in at the airport. Such kiosks are placed close to the company’s counter with the logo of Alaska Airlines.

Seating Options in Alaska Airlines
In Alaska Airlines, there are only two types of seating unlike other major airline companies. It includes the economy class seating, which is also termed as coach class for Alaska Airlines, and the other one is first class seating option. In economy class, each seat has the width of 17 inches and has a distance of 32 inches in between the two seats. For the economy class, there is no facility of the seat back entertainment screen seen in many other airlines. In first class seating, the distance between the two seats is 36 inches. The seats are 21 inches wide with free hand-held screens for the purpose of entertainment on the flight to the passenger.

Baggage Restriction in Alaska Airlines
As there are only two types of seating options, the baggage requirement and limitations are imposed according to the selection of the seat. Travelers with the economy class ticket can only take 2 items of checked baggage that must not be more than 23 kg in weight. The dimensions should not be greater than 157 cm. For the first class passengers, the requirements are same without any additional charges on the baggage.